Pokemon X and y MegaStone guide.

Here are the mega stones locations as far as I know.


Charizardite x and y from professer you get stone if u pick charmander can buy later on at stone collector in luminose city

Blastoisenite From starter or can buy from Collector

Venusaurnite From starter or can buy from collector

Lucarionite From gym leader with the 2 lucarios gives you one with stone

Abomasnowite save abomasnow and he gives you the mega stone

Aerodactylite Fossil lab a scientist gives you it

Gengarite Lavarre city a lady in a black haired lady will give you it


After you beat game defeat your rival and talk to the professor at the sundial and he upgrades your mega ring to finding megastones at night from 7-8 aclock when the sundial glows.

Heracrossite Y At the entrance of route 2 in tall grass

Aggronite Y At cyllage gym its in a corner

Tyranitarite X Same as Aggronite

Alakazamnite In the Reflecting cave on the third level is the stone only at night.

Houndoom Y At route 16 two trainers on rollerskates are skating around a Giant Stone and the megastone is at the south of it

Kanghaskanite At the Glittering cave take the first right and it is at the end of the passage

Manectite X same as houndoomites location

Pinsireite X Same as Heracrossite’s Location

Scizorite Behind the Abomasnow at Frost Cavern

Gyradosite South East of couriway Town there are three waterfalls the middle one has the stone.

if anymore are found I will add more.

I give credit to Pokemon x and y guides around the internet for the location of some of these Stones.


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